Insurance Solutions For Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance Advisors is an independent insurance brokerage servicing Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Being an independent insurance brokerage allows us to offer our clients multiple insurance products from a variety of carriers. Our clients will get multiple quotes from the top insurance companies that sell Long Term Care coverage in Minnesota. Our clients end up getting the best possible rates and quality products based on their particular circumstances. Our firm does not charge any extra fees for our services.

Prospects and clients always ask about the new hybrid life / long term care contracts. You may be able to exchange your existing life insurance policy, using a 1035 exchange, for a new life insurance policy with new living benefits feature. Some contracts will now pay you a cash benefit versus being reimbursed for expenses incurred. This will allow for home care from family members or friends if you so choose. Cash benefit contracts also allow you to select any type of care or service you wish from anywhere in the world.

With the Federal Partnership program protecting your estate, dollar for dollar, traditional long term care insurance and the new hybrid life insurance with living benefits now gives you options to protect your estate and your loved ones. Contact us today to speak with one of our long term care planning professionals.