Can You Believe It? Medicare Open Enrollment Is Almost Here!

AEP is the Medicare Annual Election Period that occurs from October 15th to December 7th when current enrollees in a Medicare Advantage Plan or stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan can change plans for the coming year beginning January 1, 2022.

Never forget:  We provide you with free unrivaled support for life!

So don’t worry.  If you need to change plans, we will help you through that.  If you don’t need to change plans, you may renew as is and keep your current plan for the coming year.

Why would you want to consider changing plans for 2022?

  • Your doctor/clinic is not longer “in-network”?
  • Your health needs have changed?  You need more care?  You need less care?
  • Your prescription list has changed?  You want to use a different pharmacy?
  • Affordability?  You want to lower your monthly premiums to save money?
  • You are traveling more or less than usual?  Need better out-of-state coverage?
  • Would a $0 premium plan be a good option for you?
  • Can you get better benefits elsewhere for the same or less premium?
  • Would a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) be worth considering?

You can relax knowing we have your back.  You have peace of mind knowing we are always there for you.  Feel free to tune out all the intense Medicare marketing that happens during this time of year, every year.  No need to call the former football player to get all the benefits you are entitled to.  We are here FOR YOU!

So take your time.  Give it some thought.  We will continue to offer telephone conferences as well as on-site meetings.  Feel free to get on our calendar by calling or using our convenient scheduler in the link below.  We promise to give each client all the time and attention they need. 

And if a relative, co-worker, neighbor, or friend also needs help, please give them our name and number so they can call us.  Remember, Medicare does not allow us to call them to make the initial contact.

Ahh, the AEP.  A wonderfully hectic time of the year we excitedly look forward to.  We won’t show you all the controlled chaos behind the scenes; just our calm demeanor as we together make plans for the coming year.

A big thank you to all of our current clients.  We appreciate you, your confidence in, and loyalty to our agency.  And to all the new prospects coming on board – Welcome!

Click the link below to get on our calendar: