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Our Client's Testimonials

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help you and your staff gave to us when we had to enroll through the state the last few years. You made a confusing, frustrating chore into an easy task and we are very thankful!! Thanks for checking with us. One more sign of your professionalism."
Pam & Joe R
Annandale, MN
"Brian... You are amazingly fast! Thx so much for your quick reply."
"Brian, just want you to know that HealthPartners will have a booth at the NAIFA Convention. Truly appreciate that you brought this opportunity to our attention. One of the reasons we are doing this is because you have been a great broker for HealthPartners for so many years and we know NAIFA is an important organization for you and our industry. Sara W. talks all the time how great you are to work with. Thank you for your business and support."
sandy S.
Annandale, MN
"Gerry, thank you for all of your hard work."
"Hi Brian. Thank you for your assistance in helping me select a Medicare plan and prescription plan as well. You made it easy. All our best..."
"Excellent service with attention to detail. Very thorough and I believe I was provided with recommendations for best plans for our needs. Professional, easy to communicate with, 100% follow through. Thank you!"
Denise B.
"Thanks Brian! Marie and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2017! Also, very much appreciate your and Gerry's efforts on behalf of Marie's and my insurance programs."
Mike & Marie
"Hi Gerry, hope you are wll. I am switching my Blue Cross Blue Shield Senior Plan from Minnesota to Florida. I'm not a Florida resident and need to do this for a couple of reasons. The effective date for my cancellation is December 31st. I want to thank you for all of your assistance these past few years. You are a true professional. You have helped my family and me significantly. If I move back to Minnesota I will definitely call you. Any questions please call me. Best Regards."
Gary H.
Sunny Florida
"I just want to tell you again, how much I appreciate your having helped us to purchase LTC back when you were getting started in your business. It is a life saver for us. I do not know how the baby boomer generation is going to survive without it. Best regards..."
"Thx for your expertise with the health insurance. Appreciate it!!!"
Steve G.
"Thanks Gerry for all the information. I'm hoping too going forward will smooth out. Thanks for always being willing to help me. I'd be lost without knowing you were available for us. Happy New Years"
Apple Valley
"Thank you so much for your assistance, Gerry. Look forward to our working together. Regards."
St. Louis Park
"I am sure you are relieved to have open enrollment done for the year. My family and friends have commented positively about your service. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas."
Earl S.
"Great — thanks for all your help shepherding us through this process!"
"Brian and staff, thanks for your help with health care coverage plans. It sure reduces the stress of making decisions myself."
Jack Y.
Hennepin County
"Brian and Gerry: Just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me in obtaining medical, dental and drug coverage insurance as I begin my transition from employment to retirement! I was dreading the research necessary to figure out which plans would work best for me — you have done all that for me. You were always available to answer all my questions and helped steer me in the right direction. You were immensely helpful, efficient and could not have made this process easier! Your knowledge, efficiency and availability made this a truly painless process. Your names are at the top of my list for anyone I know with similar insurance needs. Thank you again, and have a great day!"
Joan G.
Elk River
"Thanks for your help and PROMPT follow-up!"
Bonnie B.
"Thank you ever so much for all you've done for me. It was the most wonderful, authentic gesture of real homespun customer service. I just wanted to let you know this genuine act of kindness has touched my heart. For me, turning 65 was a great day, because you took the reins and guided me in the hardest decisions of my lifetime. Again, thank goodness for You!"
Rene G
"Still can't believe how fortunate we were that you sold us on Long Term Care Insurance. Now that I am living in a senior community, I realize how few people took out long term care insurance and how difficult it is for them. Thank you again for being such a great salesperson!!!"
Ann M.
"Gerry, thanks so much for your prompt, clear response. Evidently, I failed to take good notes from our meeting. Great to have resources such as you and Brian to prop up my memory!"
Maple Grove
"Thank you for your excellent advice and help in establishing my Medicare plan. You make the entire process pain free."
Mary T.
"The best insurance agents hands down!!! Thank you for your awesomeness and all your dedication to your clients. Season's greetings, it is great working with you."
"I heard back from the appeal on the LEP. The decision was FAVORABLE.....Yeah!!! It pays to pay attention....No one (except you) explained abouth the LEP to me."
Carol J.
Brooklyn Park
"Brian and Gerry, God Bless you both! Your knowledge allows me to sleep at night, No worries! Thank you THANK YOU!"
Bob & Peggy
"Thank you, Gerry, we'll follow up on your suggestion. You're so helpful and explain in understanding words."
Goodhue County
"Thanks for suggesting we attend the Humana program about what Humana covers and how to navigate it. It was a very worthwhile meeting!"
Rosemary Y.
"Brian... You are my new BEST FRIEND!!! Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank You for the insight into this health insurance issue! We are very involved in our Church and as a matter of fact have had to back off on donations to cover our medical and dental costs! You are without a doubt the best and honest insurance agent I have ever dealt with !!"
Brad E.
"Brian, just a note to say "thank you" for meeting with Janis and me recently. Janis and I are very impressed with the quality of you as a person; as a retired school superintendent, that is very important to me. That fact that a.) you are a nice person, b.) also have good communication skills, and c.) have good products to promote, means you have all three components of a good business relationship, and that is sacred to us. Thanks, again, for looking out for us. It is a feeling of security and safety that is hard to put into words."
Jon and Janis B.
"When we had to get benefits for our family we didn't know where to turn, but Brian has been amazing and we are SO grateful for all he does for us. He came highly recommended to us and we couldn't be happier with our decision to go with him. There are big differences between "order takers" and "trusted advisors" and we are so proud to say that Brian is OUR guy. Thanks Brian!!"
Brad E.
"Thank you so very much for your personable competent work for us! We really appreciate your great work."
Doug P.
"I first heard of Brian on WCCO many years ago & he saved us a lot of money then and we still use them before we make any changes"
Cedar, MN
"Thank you, Brian, for the quick followup. This is great news — you sold us a very good policy! I'm glad we met you 14 years ago. You are a great resource for our insurance needs. Best regards."
Wayne L.
"Thanks so much Gerry ... I have submitted my application without any issues. Apreciate all your help!"
"Brian, thanks for taking the time to explain things to me, and for answering questions over the phone. I appreciate it much!"
Brenda P.
"Brian, thanks for taking the time to explain things to me, and for answering questions over the phone. I appreciate it much!"
Brenda P.
"Ron has had personal care givers since January 2013. As of last week he moved into Folkestone, the new Presbyterian Homes in Wayzata. Thank God for long term care insurance and I am glad that we purchased it when we did."
Ann M.
"Thank you for all your help. You have no idea how helpful it was having you explain everything in detail. My only concern so far is if I picked the right Blue Cross plan right out of the gate. Time will tell and I may change. For now, I’m happy with my choice."
Savage, MN
"Thanks, Gerry. As I said, you guys are Aces. (Why you get the Big Bucks, eh?) Have a good weekend. Wind Chill -35 Monday. Hope your car starts. I wouldn’t want you to miss work. Too many people depend upon you."
Craig B.
Circle Pines, MN
"Thank you, as usual you are so helpful and we certainly appreciate it!"
"Thanks for the reminders!!! We appreciate you staying on top of things and letting us know these important things!"
Beverly & Robert
New Hope
"Thanks for following up on our behalf as quickly as you did. Both Sheri and I really appreciate it. We’ll watch for a change confirmation from SS. Thank you, again!"
Tim & Sheri
West St. Paul
"I am so thankful that I purchased my LTC at an early age of 54. It is now 13 years later and my friends are just starting to look at LTC insurance and are very envious of my very reasonable premium. I recently had to move my significant other to memory care which we certainly never thought would happen this young, and it is unbelievably expensive. It gives me complete peace of mind to know that I have the insurance coverage if and when I need it, and I am fortunate that I put mine in place when it was very affordable."
Linda R.
Maple Plain, MN
"Yes, thank you very much for all your patient help, Brian."
Claudia L.
Northfield, MN
"Hi Brian: Hope this finds you getting ready for some well-earned chillin’ with your fam. This has to be our Merriest Christmas in a LLLOOONNNGGG time! So thankful for your tip. Dave’s in. Whoopie Dave; Whoopie Brian. Words can’t express … other than WE’RE SAVING MORE THAN $425 mo."
Gayle D.
Hopkins, MN
"I am so thankful for Brian when November 1st rolls around. I get very nervous and worried that I’m making the right choice on health insurance. Brian’s vast knowledge in this area and his very patient Nature has been able to guide me through some difficult decisions. He has never been too busy to talk and is very generous with his time. His suggestions both for myself and for other family members have been right on each time. At times I’ve doubted my choice, but Brian has kept me calm until I come to realize it was a good choice. I know Brian is working for me to help me find the best insurance for my lifestyle. I can’t sing Brian’s praises enough and would suggest him to anyone, and I have on numerous occasions. Thank you Brian for all of your help!!"
Roxanne D.
Inver Grove Heights, MN
"Gerry, you have gone well beyond anything we could have asked you to do regarding our insurance. You are a font of knowledge and your in depth report will for sure shorten our search."
Diane & Larry
"…and we want to extend our thank you to you both, Brian for helping Kathy, and Gerry for helping Charlie, through the Medicare process. Your service was invaluable to us. We do not hesitate to recommend you whenever the opportunity arises."
Charlie & Kathy
Blaine, MN
"You came highly recommended from D.L.J… "
Diane & Kevin H.
Maplewood, MN
"Warmest Thanksgiving Wishes to you and Gerry and your families. Thanks for your expertise with the health insurance. Appreciate it!!!"
Mendota Heights, MN
"Thank you so much for your help in getting things straightened out for me! You were so helpful and I really appreciate that!"
Eden Prairie, MN
"Thank you … Thank you and Thank you … You provide an invaluable service…! "
David & Gail
Prior Lake, MN
"Thank you for all your hard work and staying on top of all this. I appreciate all your efforts. Sincerely,"
Forest Lake, MN
"Thanks so much for helping us through the process of finding LTC options. We have a lot of gratitude for your services to us. I retired on August 4th and we have opted to do nothing now. My healthcare is over 2k per month. We might elect to call you and do business after we figure out this new reality. But thank you for the help."
Sigrud S.
Winona, MN
"I let out a big cheer and thanked the office manager but really, Thank YOU for helping me navigate this. I really appreciated your help and that was my happy ending! Thanks again, Brian, and healthy holidays for you, your mom, and the fam."
Gail & David
"Brian, I wanted to thank you for your prompt and ever so courteous attention to the ridiculously tangled mess of securing new coverage for your 9:30 client!"
"I took your advice and called Humana. I was a squeaky wheel."
"Ron has had personal care givers since January 2013. As of last week he moved into Folkestone, the new Presbyterian Homes in Wayzata. Thank God for Long term care insurance and I am glad that we purchased it when we did."
Ann M.
"Thank you for your work and staying on top of this. I appreciate your efforts."
Judy D.
Wyoming, MN
"Thanks for your help. You’re so patient and thorough."
Minnetonka, MN
"Brian, Thanks for taking the time to explain things to me, and for answering questions over the phone. I appreciate it much!"
Brenda P.
"Thanks Brian. You certainly take care of things quickly! I’ll watch for it on my statement."
Mark L.
Chanhassen, MN
"Thanks so much Gerry … I have submitted my application without any issues. Appreciate all your help!"
Excelsior, MN