401(K) – IRA – SEP? Do You Have A Safe Bucket?

The historical paradigm says to put your money in a tax-qualified plan like a 401(K), IRA, SEP, get a tax deduction, and let your money grow tax-deferred so that when you take the money out you will be in a lower tax bracket. Financial experts and economists are starting to look hard at the fiscal condition of the United States and the picture is not good.

The United States is $27.8 Trillion in debt with unfunded obligations of upwards of $239 Trillion. We are marching into a future where the solvency of the US government is being called into question. We are going to have multi-trillion dollar deficits over the next decade and debt will continue to pile up. What are the chances that taxes are going to be lower in the future given that reality? The paradigm has been flipped so the focus is now on wringing every bit of efficiency out of your retirement accounts. Taxes are on sale right now! Many experts have been saying for years that we need to raise revenue and lower spending, but the federal government has been doing just the opposite.

Now is the time for you to create your safe bucket and shield yourself from taxes and stock market risk. How would you like to free yourself from government control and oversight? Yes, and you absolutely can grow your money very safely and never pay taxes again in your lifetime.

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