Don’t buy life insurance or long term care insurance until you read this!

Living Benefits” life insurance policies can kill 9 birds with one stone. Get smart with your money in 2020 and learn about a life insurance policy that can pay you while you’re living! A NEW type of life insurance with a unique feature called living benefits rocks the industry. Immediately spend down the death benefit (tax free) should you have a Critical Illness (stroke, heart attack, cancer, major organ transplant, kidney failure) Chronic Illness (need long term care) or Terminal Illness (terminally ill with less than 24 months to live). Finally, death. Nine triggers on a life insurance policy can cover a wide variety of illnesses including long term care – you must make this your next purchase in 2020.

One of our clients, age 68, just purchased one of these policies with $100,000 face amount term life insurance policy in August 2019. Last week my client called and during our conversation he mentioned he had a TIA “transient ischemic attack”. Basically, he had a small stoke the month prior. He is fine now and has no apparent permanent issues. My client pays $10 more a month than the very least expensive term life policy sold in the industry. And now, my client has filed a claim. I will keep you posted on the end result.

Clients often ask how I get paid. As an insurance broker, I don’t cost you a single penny extra when purchasing insurance. I’m paid a commission by the insurance company for getting you taken care of. I work for you and not the insurance company. I have access to many insurance companies and get insight to many products that consumers may never know about.

I personally own these policies as well as several of my family members. Call me today at 952-937-9127 or email me and I will put together a proposal and brochures so you can review this exciting new product for yourself.

Each product provides different features and benefits and each client’s specific situation will determine whether a particular product is appropriate.