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Did you know that you can get BOTH Long Term Care Insurance and Life Insurance in one product?

This is called a Hybrid Life Insurance Policy.

Hybrid life insurance is a great value because you are getting life insurance that allows you to spend down the death benefit should you ever need long term care. Should you have a critical illness like a heart attack, stroke, or cancer, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness, your hybrid life insurance policy kicks in. If you never need long term care, or never have a chronic, critical, or terminal illness, your beneficiaries will receive 100% of the death benefit when you die.

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Get a Quote – Hybrid Life Insurance

Hybrid life insurance is a great value!

There’s no extra charge for Hybrid life insurance, and you are getting coverage that covers multiple events. Hybrid life insurance policies even pay in cash directly to the client, and pay tax-free. cash policy (as opposed to one that reimburses expenses) maximizes your flexibility to decide who cares for you and where your care is given. Your long-term care could even be on a cruise ship if you so choose.

Long Term Care Insurance Advisors can help you find a hybrid life insurance policy that can be purchased through a one-time lump sum, or by paying premiums for a specified period of time. Even our term life policies–our least expensive option, can be structured to include a hybrid life insurance product!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Long Term Care Insurance Advisors is ready to address these questions with you when you contact us, but in the meantime, here are some answers to questions that we often get asked.

At what age should I purchase hybrid life insurance with long term care benefits?

Most LTC claims begin when people are in their 80s. Because of that, somewhere between ages 45 and 65 is generally the most cost-effective time to buy. The younger you are, the lower the cost.

How do I choose the right hybrid life insurance company?

Minnesota Department of Commerce is a great resource for choosing the right company.

How do I choose what type of life insurance to buy?

Minnesota Commerce Department has some tips for choosing the right life insurance policy to buy.

What is the difference between term versus permanent hybrid life insurance?

Find out here.

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