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We will provide 3 side by side Hybrid Life Insurance plan quotes to find you the very best rates for you. Hybrid life insurance is a great value since you are getting life insurance that allows you to spend down the death benefit should you ever need long term care, have a critical illness like a heart attack, stroke, or cancer or be diagnosed with a terminal illness. If you never need long term care or never have a chronic, critical, or terminal illness, your beneficiaries will
receive 100% of the death benefit when you die.

The way of the future for life insurance is hybrid life insurance since there is no extra charge for this feature. Hybrid life insurance is a great value since you are getting coverage that covers multiple events. Certain hybrid life insurance policies pay in cash directly to the client tax-free. Cash policies versus reimbursement of expenses incurred gives you, the policy holder, the most flexibility to decide who cares for you and where your care is given. Your long term care can be on a cruise ship if you so choose.

A person can buy a Hybrid life policy by paying a one-time lump sum or by paying premiums for a certain number of years. Clients often ask, what is the least expensive life insurance? Term life will be your least expensive option and the hybrid term life benefits can be included as well.

At what age should I purchase hybrid life insurance with long term care benefits? Most LTC claims begin when people are in their 80s. Because of that, somewhere between ages 45 and 65 is generally the most cost-effective time to buy. The younger you are, the lower the cost.

How do you choose the right life insurance company? Minnesota Department of Commerce is a great resource for choosing the right company.

How do I choose what type of life insurance to buy? Minnesota Commerce Department tips for choosing the right life insurance policy to buy .

What is the difference between term versus permanent life insurance?

Find out here.

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