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Life Insurance Buyer's Guide

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We will run 3 side by side Life Insurance plan quotes. These Life Insurance Plans are comprehensive and inexpensive. The new hybrid policies can be used while you are living should you have critical illness, chronic illness or a terminal illness. Benefits are paid tax-free cash directly to you. Many clients purchase life insurance with living benefits to pay for long term care should they ever have a chronic illness. Best of all, there is no extra charge for living benefits inside the life insurance policy.

Another great advantage with life insurance is the tax benefits.  How about a retirement plan that you can stuff an unlimited amount of after tax dollars into the plan that will grow tax free and you will not be taxed on the growth?  How about a plan who’s account balance can only go up and never down? Life insurance can do all that and more. We often say at our office “If everyone knew what we know, there would be a line around our building”.

Even the Minnesota Commerce Department promotes purchasing life insurance!

You can elect to get a quote for one, 2, or all 3 of the types of life insurance products available.

1) Term life insurance will be the cheapest life insurance you can purchase for a certain length of time.
2) Permanent life insurance will last your entire lifetime.
3) Hybrid life insurance may be the most flexible option.

You can get the hybrid life insurance features in both term insurance and/or permanent insurance. Best of all, some hybrid life insurance companies don’t charge you any extra premium for this feature. With hybrid life insurance, you can spend down the death benefit while you are living, should you have a critical illness, chronic illness, terminal illness, or need “long term care”.

Many clients purchase hybrid life insurance instead of purchasing traditional long term care insurance. This can be a more efficient use of your premium dollars. If you don’t ever need long term care, and die, you will get back all the money you paid in plus much more, all tax free.

How much life insurance costs will depend on many factors including your age and current state of health.

There is no cost to you to submit an application to an insurance company. When you are approved, you then can decide if you want to continue or walk away.

Some may also want to look at “key man” life insurance for your business or consider using life insurance to pay the taxes on your estate. Let us know and we can put together a free proposal.