Short Term Medical Coverage

Looking For Short Term Medical Coverage?

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Sudden illnesses and accidents can lead to large medical bills.  A Short Term Medical plan provides instant protection at a lower price.  

Do I Need Short Term Medical Coverage?

You Should Consider Short Term Medical coverage if you are:

  • Between jobs
  • Waiting for employer-provided group insurance to take effect
  • Waiting for approval for comprehensive health care coverage
  • Waiting a few months before Medicare coverage becomes effective
  • A recent graduate from high school or college, not covered under your parent’s plan
  • Losing coverage from a parent’s medical plan at age 26

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Plan Highlights

  • Up to 12 months of coverage available.
  • Premiums – Starting as low as $57 per month available.
  • Coverage – Most plans can include doctor visits, emergency room care, prescription drugs and medical supplies, ambulance services, hospital stays, lab and X-ray services. Actual benefits vary according to the specific plan.  Short term medical plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions.
  • Deductible – From $2,500  to $10,000, select an option that best suits your needs.
  • Co-Insurance options of 50%, 30% or 20% are available.
  • Choice – You may be able to keep your current doctor (depending on the plan you select).  In-network providers will give you the best benefits.
  • Online 24/7 clinics available
  • Important – Short Term Medical plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Rates and product availability may change without notice; all quotes expire on the requested effective date.

Short Term Medical plans Minnesota

Short Term Medical insurance plans provide medical benefits at an affordable price.

What do Minnesota Consumers Need to Know About Short Term Medical Plans?

You cannot renew a short term plan, but you can buy another short term plan.  You can have coverage under short term plans for up to 365 days (12 months) within a 555-day (18 months) period.  You are not guaranteed the same plan if you choose to purchase an additional six months of coverage.  Any medical condition that developed during prior coverage would be considered a preexisting condition and would not be covered by a new short term plan.

You can be denied a short term plan.  Based on your age or medical history, or your family’s medical history, you may be rejected by the insurer from being eligible for a short term plan.  While your premium cannot be based on health status or gender, it is possible you could be denied coverage.  Be sure to check the list of exclusions on any plan you are considering. 

Preexisting conditions are not covered.  Short term plans provide coverage for medical conditions that have not yet arisen, but they will not help for medical conditions you already have.  Also, if you are pregnant when you buy the plan, it will not cover any medical expenses associated with your pregnancy.

Short term plans are not comprehensive health coverage.  Short term plans are not required to provide the “essential health benefits” required by the Affordable Care Act.  These plans typically exclude coverage for services such as routine office visits, preventive care, maternity care, outpatient prescription drugs, and mental health or substance abuse treatment. 

You may have to pay extra expenses.  You may be responsible for copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance under a short term plan.  The short term plan may also have an annual or lifetime limit on benefits.  If you have a serious illness or major accident, the plan may not cover all your expenses.

Avoid a gap in coverage.  Short term plans can be purchased anytime and are not limited to a specific enrollment period. 

For more information, please visit the State of MN webpage at the link below: