Life Insurance

New to the life insurance industry are life insurance policies that contain living benefits and you don’t pay extra for this feature! Living benefits allow you to choose to collect the death benefit while you are still living. This is a huge benefit and you can get it with term insurance also! Should you need long term care, suffer a heart attack, cancer, stroke, or kidney failure you can decide if you want the death benefit paid out now tax-free. You may be able to exchange your current life insurance policy for a policy with living benefits at no extra cost! Watch my video and call me for details.

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Stroke Survivor Shares His Story About Living Benefits

A real-life story about living benefits! Living benefits can and do help people. Just ask Tim Rubis, a Midland National policyholder who endured a stroke and lived to tell us about it. Watch Tim’s powerful testimonial and see the importance of living benefits and how they can help during a time they might need it most.