Long Term Care Insurance is very affordable

Dear Clients,

Long Term Care insurance is a Godsend.  My wife, Caroline, and I both helped our mothers find long term care facilities in the past two months.  Neither have large estates but fortunately, both have Long Term Care insurance.  Having this insurance made this much more of a pleasant experience, as opposed to a angst-filled, high-pressure argument about affordability and location.

My mother elected an amenity-filled facility here in the Twin Cities.  She has a beautiful apartment with a balcony overlooking a park, and the facility offers great meals in a beautiful dining room.  She can even keep her dog and cat with her, and receive help for their care.  And yes, her insurance is paying 100% of the bill, around $10,500 per month.  We all, but she especially, have been pleasantly surprised that her policy has brought such peace and comfort and a level of luxury she never dreamed of having.

Caroline’s mother is in one of the very best facilities in northern Wisconsin, also with a private room in a private wing.  This facility charges about $8,500 and offers many very nice amenities that Mom never thought she could afford.  All made possible and paid for by her Long Term Care insurance.

Thank goodness they did a little planning.  Their planning, along with some sacrifice, has reduced any anxiety and worry about how to pay for such comfort and care.  Their planning has also been a relief for all the family members, wondering how much of their “savings” will be eaten up to pay for care.

Besides providing our mother’s with the choice and the ability to get into these very nice facilities, Long Term Care insurance has further protected their estates, leaving both the opportunity to potentially provide inheritances for children and grandchildren that our mother’s hoped would be possible.  It now looks like a sure thing, which also makes them very happy.

Do you have Long Term Care insurance?  Have you ever look at getting a policy?  Long Term Care insurance has changed dramatically in the last 3 years.  Perhaps we should talk to see how you might protect your future and that of your children and grandchildren.

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