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The team at Long Term Care Advisors  is a dedicated, hardworking team of expert insurance brokers located next to Minnetonka in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We deliver affordable, creative and innovative solutions for your unique insurance needs. For over 30 years we’ve been providing insurance solutions in Minnetonka, the Twin Cities and across Minnesota. If you’re looking for Minnetonka insurance brokers who are honest, will guide you through every step of the process, and make recommendations that are in your best interest, you’ve found the right insurance agency.

The key to our 30+ years of success is the focus we place on understanding each client’s individual needs and using our extensive insurance industry knowledge to finding insurance solutions that best fit your unique needs.  As an independent agency, we have a virtually unlimited portfolio of insurance options to explore with you.

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Why Work With an Insurance Broker?

As an insurance broker serving Edina we represent insurance buyers – not companies. This means when you work with Long Term Care Insurance Advisors you will receive unbiased recommendations and unlimited options. Insurance agents, on the other hand, represent insurance companies. Their objective is to sell you insurance from the insurance company they represent, which doesn’t always align with their client’s best interests.

Our team of expert insurance professionals is here to support you with your personal and business insurance needs here in Edina.

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