Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance With Living Benefits

This May Just Be The Best Mortgage Protection Plan Ever Developed

What if you suddenly had a stroke, heart attack, developed cancer, or any other type of critical illness and you needed money to pay your mortgage? 

What if your chronic illness required lots of care and you needed money to pay your mortgage? 

What if you had a terminal illness with less than two years of life to live and you needed to pay your mortgage? Mortgage Protection Insurancce

Finally, what if today is the last time you ever see your spouse and money is needed to pay off the mortgage? 

Your typical life insurance policy is completely insignificant and will not help you with any of these issues other than death.

There is One Life Insurance Policy That Will Payout Prior To Death At No Extra Cost

And Includes Mortgage Protection & Much More!

Business owners face more challenges and typically have more to lose when purchasing property.  Making sure the mortgage is getting paid each month can be very precarious.  With business partners, your risks of loss are even higher.  Why would you purchase a typical life insurance that is only going to pay a death benefit when you die?  Protect yourself, your business partners, and employees in multiple ways with hybrid life insurance.  Our hybrid life policy will pay you cash, tax free, should a qualifying critical illness [cancer, heart attack, stroke], a chronic illness [long term care], or terminal illness [two years or less left of life] occur.

Placing a hybrid life policy on each responsible person is simply good business practice.  Best of all, you get all this additional protection at no extra cost.   High-risk occupations make our mortgage protection program an easy decision when deciding on what life insurance program will work best.

Business-Owners’ Mortgage Protection Program

Before looking at how long term care annuities work or at annuities quote calculators, let us discuss the core product – the annuity.

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company.  You make a lump-sum payment or series of payments and, in return, get regular guaranteed payments from the insurance company.  These payments start either immediately or at some point in the future.  Payments can be for a fixed period or a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

Some may also wish to consider an enhanced annuity quote.  You may qualify for an enhanced (larger) benefit if you have a health condition that may lower your life expectancy.

Never Borrow Money from A Bank Again! Be Your Own Bank!

The Best Mortgage “Acceleration” Program Ever

With our mortgage protection plan, we can create a way for you to set extra money aside each month that will grow tax free and free from market risk!  As your money grows, you have access to that money through loans from the insurance company.  For years, many successful business owners have been using over-funded life insurance policies to get tax free growth and loans to pay for business expenses.  If you could, ask Walt Disney or J.C. Penny what happened when they needed money to start their businesses, and no one would lend them any money.

I am very sure both Messrs. Disney and Penny would have chosen a hybrid life insurance policy over traditional life insurance since it would not cost them anything extra.  Smart businesspeople do not look past these types of strategies.  Be your own bank and never owe anyone anything.

Real Estate Investment Mortgage Protection

Are you looking to invest in a second property such as a business office, cabin, or other real estate?  Your banker is going to want you to purchase a life insurance policy to pay him should you suddenly die.  But what if you simply cannot make payments because of a critical illness “stroke, cancer, heart attack” or a chronic illness “long term care” or a terminal illness “two years left of life or less.”  Your mortgage still must be paid.  With hybrid life insurance, you can spend down the death benefit prior to death, typically tax free.  With hybrid life insurance your family has much more protection at no extra cost.  Purchase term life insurance and you can get all the same benefits as mentioned above at a much lower cost to you. 

The Best High-Risk Occupation Mortgage Protection Program Is Right Here. Just give us a call.