funding your 401K, your SEP, your IRA and your brokerage accounts and pay your tax bill now.  Current tax rates are at their lowest we have seen in years.

The current national debt is $26,523,840,853,125 (as of July 2020) and climbing.  Another $Trillion in stimulus spending is being proposed.  The Trump era tax cuts will end in 2025.  The Joe Biden era is also proposing a significant tax increase.  Either way, it does not look good for our future retirement accounts.

Nevertheless, NOW is the time to consider a non-qualified retirement account and avoid any and all future taxes.  Market volatility can wipe out many years of gains in a single day.

If you want to see actual numbers of what a non-qualified retirement account would look like based on your current age and circumstances, contact me today.  We will setup a ZOOM conference at your convenience to review and discuss the possibilities.

Don’t wait.  Taxes will go up.  I will be at (952) 937-9127 awaiting your call.