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Regarding: Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


The current state-wide outbreak of this contagious disease in Minnesota and across the nation and the world has affected the lives of everyone. We hope and pray all are safe. We wish those who test positive a quick and complete recovery.

In the meantime, in response to the directives from the State of Minnesota, our Federal government, and the experts at the Center for Disease Control, we have implemented the following:

▪ Our office will remain open for business (but the door may be locked).
▪ We have temporarily suspended all face-to-face meetings until further notice.
▪ We would ask that there be no unannounced or unscheduled visits to our office.
▪ We will continue business as usual using telephone calls and conferences, skyping, face-timing, and video conferencing as the preferred methods of communication with our customers, prospects, and vendors.
▪ Connecting via US mail and e-mail will continue as usual (and is strongly encouraged).
▪ Telecommuting for all employees may be utilized if deemed necessary.
▪ Our entire office, including multiple touchpoints, will be frequently disinfected during each and every day.
▪ Complimentary facemasks and disinfecting wipes will be offered to anyone wishing to enter the premises.
▪ Social distancing is being enforced for anyone present and frequent, vigorous hand-washing is required of all.

We truly appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation during these unprecedented times.

We urge all to follow the recommendations of the CDC to remain safe, and isolated if necessary, to stem the spread of this terrible virus.


Brian Emswiler

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