Life Insurance

Life Insurance

A Prudent Investment!

How much does Life Insurance COST in MN?

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Rules for Purchasing Life Insurance

  • Rule #1 – if you cannot afford the premiums, do not buy any life insurance.
  • Rule #2 – freely discuss any health concerns. Certain insurance companies and other life insurance options may be a better fit for you based on your circumstances.  Better health usually means better rates.
  • Rule #3 – Lock in your age today. By applying now, you will lock in your age.  No application fee is required.  What kind of rates will you qualify for?  It’s free to see!  If you do not like the rates, just walk away.   Once the underwriter determines your rate class, final plan design can be done.

Lowest Possible Rates for Life Insurance Guaranteed

We do not charge you one penny extra for our service.  And you cannot walk in the front door of ABC Insurance Company and get the insurance for one penny less! [Click HERE to Read More…]

Want to exchange your old life insurance policy for a better one at no extra cost?

1035 Exchange (Ten Thirty Five Exchange)

If you currently own a life insurance policy, you may be able to significantly lower your premium cost and get substantially more benefits. Sounds too good to be true? Section 1035 of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code allows for a tax-free transfer of like policies.(see a real life example below). You may be able to exchange your old
life insurance policy for a new one with no tax consequences. The new policy may be considerably better for two primary reasons:

Life expectancy is much greater now than when you purchased your current policy, and

Life Insurance rates are lower now than when you purchased your current policy.

Our contract experts will review your old life insurance policy and help determine if it makes sense to exchange the old policy for a new one. You may even be able to get a paid up life insurance policy with a much higher death benefit plus living benefits built in for free!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Send us your last annual statement or just give us a call. We’ll get your comparison done right away.

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Real Case Example

Jennifer, age 59, a Minnesota resident, had a whole life insurance policy issued by Northwestern Mutual that her grandfather purchased for her when she was 12 years old.  The death benefit was $60,000 and the policy had a cash value of $19,600.  By doing a 1035 exchange, her new policy provides a $300,000 death benefit and the $19,600 cash value rolled into the new policy.  All at no additional premium – guaranteed.  Not only is she getting a five times greater death benefit ($60,000 vs. $300,000), she is also getting “living benefits” for no additional cost.  That means she has $300,000 in tax-free cash available to use if she ever needs long term care services.

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It’s not about how much life insurance you need, but how much your family needs –
if you aren’t here.

Types of Life Insurance


Term life insurance policies provide affordable, temporary coverage.  Term policies contain no cash value and are designed for death benefit protection only.  The premiums may be level for the first 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, depending on the policy selected.  Because the death benefit protection is for a limited period, the premium is often the lowest of all types of life insurance policies.  However, after the level term period ends, premiums may go up significantly and can increase annually.


Indexed universal life is a version of universal life insurance that combines death benefit protection with the opportunity to grow cash value through an account that credits interest based upon the upward movement of stock market indexes without the risk of investing directly in the market.  The index account features a zero percent floor which guarantees your account won’t earn less than zero percent due to poor market performance.


Whole life insurance is the traditional form of permanent life insurance.  It provides the certainty of level premiums, a guaranteed interest rate and a guaranteed death benefit.  Whole life insurance provides the extra security of guaranteed protection at affordable rates, yet it includes the element of cash value accumulation.


Universal life insurance is a flexible premium, adjustable life insurance product that provides you with the flexibility of choosing the policy features that are appropriate for you and adjusting those features as your financial priorities and needs change.  It includes policy cash value that grows on a tax-deferred basis.

You owe it to yourself and your family.  Get your free Life insurance quote today!