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Here are just a few reasons that individuals and companies choose Long Term Care Insurance Advisors for all of their Medicare Needs:

1. Low Prices for Medicare and Medicare Advantage Quotes

How much does a Medicare Advantage plan cost in Minnesota? Our Medicare clients pay on average about $71 per month for their Medicare Advantage plan. You can get a Medicare Advantage plan for $0 premium per month as well. You should not have to pay much more than $100 per month for a quality Medicare Advantage plan.

2. Independent Brokers Offer Competitive, Low-Cost Medicare Quotes

As independent Medicare insurance brokers, we don’t cost you a single penny extra ( link to how we get paid ).

3. Our Medicare Quoting Tool Helps You Find the Best Price

We will analyze your prescription medications using our drug calculator to see which Medicare plan will cover your drugs at the very best price.

4. Medicare Help Every Step of the Way

We will guide you through all the steps on how to set up your Medicare account, request your Medicare card, run reports, AND confirm your doctors, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, and pharmacies are all in your network.

5. Highly Experienced and Trained Staff

We are licensed and thoroughly trained by all the top Medicare carriers offering plans in Minnesota.

6. Medicare Enrollment Assistance Whenever You Need It

We are here throughout the year to offer advice, assist with questions or issues, or to make changes to your plan when needed.

7. Powerful Relationships With Major Medicare Insurers

We have direct access to the insurance companies and get you help when you need it most.

8. We’re Always Here for You

We provide you with free unrivaled support for life.

For you to enroll in a Medicare Part C plan (Medicare Advantage) or Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plan), you first must enroll in Medicare Part A (Hospital) and Medicare Part B (Medical). Following is a brief overview of this process:

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Can I Afford to Buy a Medicare Supplement Plan?

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Clients also often ask, “How much does a typical Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy cost?” You can expect to see Medicare Supplement quotes of approximately $190-$220 per month, to which you likely will need to add a Part D drug plan.

If you are paying more than $250 per month for your current Medigap policy, you could be paying too much.


For you to enroll in a Medicare Part C plan (Medicare Advantage) or Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plan), you first must enroll in Medicare Part A (Hospital) and Medicare Part B (Medical). Following is a brief overview of this process:


If you are currently enrolled in Social Security and will have received at least 4 monthly benefit checks prior to your 65th birthday month, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, effective the first day of your birthday month (if your birthday falls on the 1st, Medicare will be effective the 1st of the prior month).

You will receive a Medicare card in the mail from the Social Security Administration.

If you are not currently receiving monthly Social Security benefit checks, you will need to self-enroll into Medicare.

It is recommended that you enroll in Medicare Parts A & B about 3 months prior to your 65th birthday month.

Three options for enrolling in Medicare include:

You will receive your red, white, and blue Medicare card in the mail from the Social Security Administration. Now you are officially able to review plans, select a plan, receive Medicare quotes, and enroll in a plan.


Comparing Medicare quotes to find who has the most suitable and affordable Medicare plan in your county will depend on what doctors and clinics you use and how often you use them.

Once you share your doctors and clinics, we can add your current prescription medications to the mix. Our software will then search for the most competitive Medicare plans that match your criteria.

Most Medicare Advantage quotes come in at under $100 per month, with several available at $0 (zero dollar) monthly premiums. The average cost for a Part D prescription drug plan is about $48 per month. However, good drug coverage can usually be purchased for much less. Medicare Supplement insurance quotes will show plans costing around $260 per month.

In 2020, 62.6 Million People Were Enrolled in the Medicare Program, Which Equates to 18.4 Percent of all People in the United States. RetireGuide®.

What is a Medicare Advantage plan?

Medicare Advantage is Part C of Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans, offered by private insurance companies, take the place of Medicare Parts A & B and often include Part D drug coverage as well.

With this arrangement, you will receive all your Medicare benefits from the insurance company offering the plan. Many Advantage plans may include benefits that are not offered by Medicare A & B, such as routine physicals, eye exams, hearing exams, dental benefits, eyeglass allowance, over-the-counter benefit, gym membership, prescription drugs, and hearing aids.

What is a Medicare Supplement plan (aka Medigap plan)?

A Medicare Supplement is an insurance plan offered by private insurance companies that provides coverage for the “gaps” in Medicare.

When you combine Medicare Parts A & B with a Medigap plan, you can receive 100% coverage for most expenses eligible under Medicare. Since Medigap does not cover prescription drugs, you usually will add a stand-alone Part D drug plan to complete your package.

What is a Medicare Cost plan?

A Medicare Cost plan is a type of Medicare plan that is neither an Advantage plan nor a Supplement plan. These plans are offered by private insurance companies in a limited number (21) of mostly rural counties in Minnesota.

Until a change in the federal law effective in January 2019, Medicare Cost plans were available statewide and were the most popular type of Medicare plan option. They had reasonable premiums, large networks, and good benefits. Cost plans are definitely worth considering if they are offered in your County.


We will provide a thorough, comprehensive review of your personal situation to narrow down the choices for the plan that would work best based on your unique circumstances.

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To learn more about Medicare, visit the official Medicare website.

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